Fish In The Field

It's pronounced "ghoti"


I believe that all things are interconnected, which should be obvious as I am an ecologist. Even if you are focusing on the effects of one variable, it is still important to pay attention to and observe the other variables happening as well.

Research should be focused and efficient, but also inclusive and sometimes interdisciplinary.

But mostly, I believe in actionable end results and recommendations. Research should lead to some improvement, not just published papers and more science. Working with natural resource managers, talking about my work to public as well as academic audiences, becoming involved with non-profits and other conservation groups: these are steps I try to take whenever possible to use my knowledge and skill set to further the work of others who are doing the on-the-ground work that make our natural systems better. If all I can do is make recommendations in a report, I like to follow-up to see if how those, if any, recommendations are being implemented.

Recent Research

Community shifts as a result of catastrophic flooding and the implications for changing community structure as a limitation for brook trout populations

Landscape-scale changes in abundance and size structure of brook trout populations after a catastrophic flood

The effects of a catastrophic flood on genetic diversity of brook trout in a naturally fragmented landscape

Brook trout-brown trout allopatry/sympatry in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

Integrating hydraulic, geomorphic, and aquatic organism passage to improve road-stream crossing assessment and decrease culvert failure throughout the northeastern United States

The effects of anthropogenic fragmentation on upstream and downstream populations of trout in a headwater stream network


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