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It's pronounced "ghoti"

Brain. Gone.

I don't know what this is taken from, but I don't care. It's pretty accurate.

I don’t know what this is taken from, but I don’t care. It’s pretty accurate.

I’ve made the comparison before between getting a PhD and my love of distance running. Maybe because I am currently training for a race and trying to finish my dissertation – with aptly close end-dates for both of the two – but the similarities just seem to be more and more true all the time.

Recently, it’s all about how hard one can push the body/brain. I’m used to training for running long ways and training to run consistently over a long period of days, or running a streak. Running long generally aims to push you farther, give you a little rest day, reign the distance back in a little, then push far again. Running a streak necessitates putting everything you know about rest days and stomping on it like an angry toddler, but at least you don’t have to go as far. Right now in my race training I’m at the “push far again” stage and my body kind of hates me for it. It wants more rest days, or at least a little less distance. My ankles make some crazy crackling noises. Regularly. My energy has taken a palpable dive.

Maybe I need to eat better.

As for my brain, I feel like I have been making it run long distances every day for a long time now in the process of writing and analyzing. I’ve been at it a lot. I’ve been writing every day. I know this is what I need to get it done, but my brain is beginning to hate me for it. I spent this morning making a pair of graphs and a paragraph (and then I spent a wholly ridiculous amount of time working the words “pair of graphs” and “paragraph” over and over in my head).

simpsons ketchup

I don’t know if I’m training my brain to work harder for longer and I will have some kind of awesome super-writey-brain after all this, or if I am simply pushing myself on in an unsustainable manner that is going to come back and punch me in the left cerebral hemisphere.


We’ll find out!


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