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I have a timeline

I’ve been moving along with my dissertation at a pretty good pace lately. Analyzing data; writing up comprehensive results as I make tables and graphs; scrawling out a note or two that seem like good ideas for the discussion. I have to say I’ve been pretty proud of my progress now all the lab work is done. But there was still the nagging feeling of “is it enough??” or at least enough to get me done in a good amount of time (i.e. this summer. going past this summer will mean I am going to have to start selling off first-born children I don’t even have yet.)

Enter: my advisor.

And now I have a plan. A plan that has a timeline. A timeline that is mostly based around the fact that he is going to be out in Alaska for a month for field work at the end of the summer. Necessity is really the mother of everything.


If all things go well (and what has gone well so far?) then I will have my first two chapters (which are already in rough draft) revised and mostly complete by the end of the month; the three manuscripts will be done by the end of March; the concluding chapter by the end of April (there are a couple of big-traveling conferences that month); first full version of the dissertation to my advisor by early May (he’ll get the pieces as they are finished, too); comments, edits, second draft; defend!

Written as a short paragraph it seems so easy and doable. Thinking about it too much makes me curl up into a little ball on the couch while the cat bats at the string on my hoodie. Time will tell.


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This entry was posted on February 11, 2014 by in Dissertation Time, Food and silence, Futures, Procrastination, Writing.
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