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It's pronounced "ghoti"

Presentation Motivation

Whenever I have to get a presentation together my head immediately goes to the The Office (US version) when Michael Scott has to give a talk about using power point … Continue reading

March 25, 2014 · 2 Comments

Of Being a Woman in Science

I’ve been looking at and applying for more jobs recently as the end of the dissertation looms ever nearer. It’s really been a mixed bag: some opportunities that are decent … Continue reading

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Brain. Gone.

I’ve made the comparison before between getting a PhD and my love of distance running. Maybe because I am currently training for a race and trying to finish my dissertation … Continue reading

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Significant Quantities of Badassery

Two weekends ago I finally gotten comments from my advisor on Chapter 1, did the revisions, made a few of my own changes, and sent it off to my Personal … Continue reading

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Writing a Conference Bio, Things That Are Not Helpful

One of the things that I hear often as a soon-to-be finishing grad student, soon-to-be applying for post-docs and jobs, going to conferences, “networking”, etc., is that I have to … Continue reading

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I have a timeline

I’ve been moving along with my dissertation at a pretty good pace lately. Analyzing data; writing up comprehensive results as I make tables and graphs; scrawling out a note or … Continue reading

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Slacker Syndrome: The new Imposter Syndrome

On the one hand I am a pretty confident person. I know that I am good at what I do – whether it’s at the lab or the field or … Continue reading

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